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Example Solutions Supported

Solutions Supported

This is a sample list of some of the solutions supported by Meramec Secure.

Forming a Service Contract Provider

If you are considering forming a new service contract provider, Meramec Secure can help. There are many decisions and options related to obligor structure and licensing, administrator structure and licensing, creation of terms and conditions, filing terms and conditions, product pricing, insurance and third-party provider partners, seller appointments, technology solutions, carrier integration, tax issues, profit sharing, reinsurance, and other underwriting profit participation.

Don't make structural mistakes or engage the wrong partners for your specific program requirements.

Structuring Product Warranty Insurance for a Limited Warranty

Meramec Secure provides a detailed process to assist OEMs and product sellers in utilizing a Contractual Liability Insurance Policy to enhance a limited warranty or to transfer risk off their balance sheet with no contingent liability.

If a product seller or OEM wishes to offer a longer limited warranty and transfer the risk off their balance sheet and to an insurance carrier, this is an insurance transaction and not a service contract. Meramec Secure can help create a process that does not have layers of embedded costs.

Visit OEM Warranty Insurance for additional information or Contact Us.

Enhancement Benefit Programs

Meramec Secure has an extensive array of low-cost enhancement products that perfectly complement Vehicle Service Contracts, GAP, Home Warranties, PMI, Initial and Refinanced Mortgages, IoT Devices, and many other products.

Clients can offer a Home or Auto Deductible Reimbursement Insurance Policy bundled with an existing product. This is a very low-cost, high-value solution to enhance the core product's value.

Many additional programs exist, including ID Theft, Title Lock Protection, Glass Breakage, Lockout Coverage, blanket Shipping Insurance, Product Protection, and many additional items.

Subscription-Based Programs

Meramec Secure can help with monthly subscription service contract programs, allowing a small monthly charge to offer protection to a consumer and enhance the relationship between the OEM and seller.

Create a recurring income stream and protect your customer for an extended period of time.

Benchmarking Existing Programs

When was the last time you benchmarked your Service Contract Program? Costs and fees change often, and you should benchmark all program elements regularly.

Beyond simply paying less for your existing program, Benchmarking provides a perspective into industry practices related to profit sharing and reinsurance participation for OEMs and sellers. In addition, are you paying the right price for administration and insurance CLIP fees?

Meramec Secure can help facilitate your benchmarking exercise on a targeted basis with appropriate providers and often on a no-name basis.

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