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Product Warranty Insurance

Product Warranty Insurance

Product Warranty Insurance helps companies that are seeking to offer a longer product warranty versus their normal limited warranty; however, the company desires to transfer some or all of the risk to an insurance carrier.

These programs work very well with innovative technology items where the OEM (Manufacturer) wants to focus on the features and design of their product, in highly competitive industries where a longer warranty offers a competitive differentiator, or where a consumer pays a monthly membership fee, and the OEM wishes to offer a warranty as long as the consumer subscribes.

In addition, the OEM can continue to perform all claim administration, and the entire process is transparent to the consumer. You don't need to pay large additional fees to a third party to manage the claims administration or interface with the carrier.

Perfect Solution for:
Appliances, Furniture, Mobile, Electronics, Computers
LED Lighting, Solar, and Selected Commercial Products
Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Devices, Connected Devices
Automotive, Powersports and Marine
Balance Sheet Relief with a One-Time Pre-Defined Cost

For a one-time payment, a Limited Warranty extension can provide coverage for up to 10 years after the OEM or seller keeps a short defined retention period. This solution allows clients to offer a much longer Limited Warranty and transfer the excess risk off their balance sheet to an insurance carrier for a one-time cost.

Fully Backed Solutions
A contractual liability insurance policy (CLIP) or other structure underwrites the obligations of the transferred portion of the Limited Warranty.

Meramec Secure has direct access to carriers and providers offering solutions without going through a third party and adding significant extra costs for handing off your monthly files.

Programs are not available in all states. This page is informational only and provides no guarantees, representations, or commitments related to a program. Contact us for additional details.

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