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Consumer Goods Service Contracts

Consumer Products Service Contracts

Meramec Secure works with companies to develop the appropriate structure for a Service Contract program. Options vary greatly based on a company's specific objectives and capabilities. The three options are:

➤ Build: Forming a Service Contract Provider

➤ Partner: Partnering with a Third-Party

➤ Hybrid: Partnering with a Third-Party and In-Sourcing Some Elements

Designed for OEMs and Retailers looking to offer service contracts (extended warranties) to their customers, this solution includes designing the program, sourcing the right partners to support it, and assisting with obtaining administrative licenses or using outsourced services.

This is a perfect solution for companies offering repair and replacement programs. The program supports using internal provider (obligor) or third-party licenses. Structural considerations address customer experience management and options to address revenue recognition issues.

Products include appliances, electronics, sporting goods, furniture, jewelry, and other consumer products.

Multiple options exist for program configuration, including profit sharing, reinsurance, and in-sourced or outsourced administration. A properly structured program allows immediate revenue recognition without contingent liability or balance sheet exposure.

Programs are not available in all states. This page is informational only and provides no guarantees, representations, or commitments related to a program. Contact us for additional details.

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