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Support for Insurance Companies, OEMs, InsurTechs, and Sellers of Products and Services

Meramec Secure is a nationwide designer and producer of specialty insurance and service contract solutions and services to assist companies in sourcing or building new specialty insurance, service contract, and warranty products and programs.

Meramec Secure supports contractual liability insurance policies, service contract reimbursement insurance policies, product warranty insurance, auto deductible reimbursement insurance, home deductible reimbursement insurance, shipping insurance, home warranty, and limited and extended warranty solutions for appliance, automotive, electronics, marine, IoT, and other product categories.

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Building Something New

If you are seeking to build a new product, program, or new service contract company, we can help.

Meramec Secure utilizes a detailed process-driven approach to determine the best options to support your objectives.

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Subject Matter Expert Relationships

Meramec Secure has extensive relationships with SME experts to help with critical steps in achieving your objectives.

Our relationships include legal, compliance, technology, actuarial, underwriting, obligors and providers, insurance carriers, tax, reinsurance, and other important areas.

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Custom Solutions

Meramec Secure works with clients to develop custom solutions leveraging internal and external resources to bring the best solution and eliminate frictional costs.

Meramec Secure provides complete transparency at each step to ensure collaboration on the important elements of a program, including revenue recognition, speed to market, risk transfer, compliance, licensing, and other critical elements.

Real Market Differentiation

Multiple Insurance Partners
Meramec Secure has relationships with multiple insurance carriers and service contract and warranty providers ranging from small, nimble carriers to industry-leading multi-billion dollar companies.

Support for Small and Medium Sized Programs
Many companies are not able to support small or mid-sized programs. At Meramec Secure, we aggregate multiple programs into our insurance providers, allowing for smaller and medium-sized programs that others can not support.

Fully Licensed and Insured
Meramec Secure is fully licensed as an Insurance Agency with appropriate Adjuster licenses for P&C programs. Meramec Secure maintains business insurance coverage including E&O, Cyber, General Liability, and Property Insurance.

Technology Driven Approach
Meramec Secure employs highly secure and flexible technology to manage customer sales and claim information. Clients provide a simple monthly file with customer information, and Meramec Secure takes it from there.

Claims Administration Services
Meramec Secure can support claim administration for client programs with an Adjuster and Agency license. Customers can easily set up a claim via an online claim form, email, or a call center.

Example Products Supported

Appliance Warranty Insurance
Manufacturers use Appliance Warranty Insurance to offer a longer limited warranty without the balance sheet liability.

Auto & Homeowner Insurance
An excellent solution for direct-to-consumer companies to allow cross-marketing of Auto and Homeowner Property & Casualty insurance.

Auto & Home Deductible Reimbursement
If you have a claim against your primary home or auto insurance that exceeds your deductible, you receive a reimbursement of your deductible.

Consumer Products Service Contracts
Designed for OEMs and Retailers looking to offer service contracts (extended warranties) to their customers, this solution includes designing the program, sourcing the right partners to support it, and providing licensed administrative services.

Identity Theft and Title Fraud Solutions
Custom solution offering a full array of options for Identity Theft, Monitoring, Restoration, Title Fraud, Cyber Security, and more.

Marine Warranty Insurance
Manufacturers use Marine Warranty Insurance to offer a longer limited warranty on a blanket or promotional basis without the balance sheet liability.

Product Warranty Insurance
Product Warranty Insurance is used to help manufacturers and sellers seeking options to offer a longer product limited warranty versus their normal warranty while transferring the risk to an insurance company.

Service Contract Reimbursement Insurance
A Service Contract Reimbursement Insurance Policy (SCRIP) is used to comply with state financial guarantee requirements for service contract providers/obligors.

Example Solutions Supported

Forming a Service Contract Provider
When forming a new service contract provider, it is critical to know the options for how to structure the provider, selecting the right partnerships for technology, insurance underwriting, legal and compliance, regulatory support, profit participation models, and many other elements. Meramec Secure℠ can help with each step of the process.

Structuring Product Warranty Insurance for a Limited Warranty
Meramec Secure assists OEMs and product sellers in utilizing a Contractual Liability Insurance Policy to enhance a limited warranty or to transfer risk off their balance sheet with no contingent liability.

Enhancement Benefit Programs
Meramec Secure has an extensive array of low-cost enhancement products that perfectly complement Vehicle Service Contracts, GAP, Home Warranties, PMI, Initial and Refinanced Mortgages, IoT Devices, and many other products.

Subscription-Based Programs
Meramec Secure supports monthly subscription programs for service contract programs.

Benchmarking Existing Programs
When was the last time you benchmarked your Service Contract Program? Meramec Secure can assist you in making sure you have a competitive program.

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Meramec Secure℠ Solutions are a Perfect Fit for:
  • Affinity Companies
  • Consumer Goods Service Contract Providers
  • Credit Unions
  • Direct-to-Consumer Home Warranty Sellers
  • Direct-to-Consumer Vehicle Service Contract Sellers
  • Financial Services Companies
  • GAP Providers
  • Home Warranty Administrators & Providers
  • Insure-Techs
  • Manufacturers
  • Membership Companies
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • On-Line Sellers
  • PMI Providers
  • Retailers
  • Security Companies
  • Vehicle Service Contract Administrators & Providers

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